A number of years ago, I had an idea. I wasn’t going to take the usual route of getting a good, formal education and then setting off on a long, winding career path for the next forty or fifty years of my life (maybe more as the state of pension schemes in this country go from worse to worse still). I didn’t fancy that.

I decided I’d rather be a multi-millionnaire by the time I was twenty, whose biggest concern in life would be where to moor up the yacht in Moncao harbour. How was I going to do it? I was going to start my own web design business. What I life I was going to have - jetting all over the world, first class, visiting my lucrative clients. That’s right; New York, Paris, Sydney - the world would be my oyster.

Of course, none of this actually happened. The closest I got to jetting off to the Big Apple was when visiting a small business in Coventry, courtesy of a standard fare GNER train ticket. The millionnaire thing never quite took off.

The reasons for this? Naivity was one, that’s for sure. More importantly, I had a distinct lack of understanding about how to win, deliver and ultimately keep business.

I ultimately failed in this episode of my life, and swiftly moved on. To tell you the truth, I’d almost forgotten all about it until I bumped in to a young man recently - he reminded me very much of myself all those years ago. With a little more experience and nouse under my belt these days, I thought I’d offer a few words of advice to anyone else who may find themselves in a similar position. Here goes…